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Elder Law

Attorney Allyn Belfair WA Estate Planning elder law

What is Elder Law?  We are often asked this question.  Because it is relatively new, it is not as familiar as other areas of law.  However, it is rapidly growing and expanding, and it encompasses many different complex legal issues.  As the name suggests, Elder Law is a practice that incorporates the various challenges our elderly population face.  It includes:

  • Medicare

  • Social Security

  • Medicaid Long Term Care Planning

  • Guardianship

  • Nursing Home Rights

  • Elder Abuse

  • Living Will

  • Power of Attorney

  • Wills

  • Trusts


Rick knows firsthand how difficult these issues can be.  Having lost his father to cancer, his mother was left with mounds of confusing paperwork and legal documents  that took years to figure out.  He saw that the needs of our elderly are important and underrepresented.  This inspired Rick to focus on Elder Law.  He is sensitive to the raw emotions of these difficult times, and will give each client and their family the level of care and concern they deserve. 

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